Testloop is a specialist automation and performance test engineering and consulting company. We work with our clients multi­disciplinary agile teams to deliver high quality, robust and maintainable test frameworks. We have significant experience using open source BDD style frameworks along with the design and implementation of bespoke test platforms to support automated testing across our clients business.

Key areas of expertise

  • Proven experience in defining and implementing testing and QA strategy, building technically focused teams from the ground up.
  • Thorough understanding and practise of Agile development and testing methodologies like Scrum & Kanban.
  • Extensive experience using Ruby, Node.js and Java BDD frameworks, using various drivers (selenium webdriver etc.) for web applications, and Frank, Calabash & Appium for native mobile applications.
  • Designing and creating bespoke frameworks/tools (such as Moonraker) where appropriate, contributing to open source projects and active involvement in the QA community.
  • Building API test frameworks that leverage API Blueprint and Swagger for specification/documentation and related tooling.
  • Building all necessary test infrastructure, like Selenium Grid to run tests in parallel across a local based network of many browsers and device emulators, with failover to integrated cloud providers like Saucelabs/Browserstack if required.
  • Creating highly accurate performance tests using Gatling/JMeter performance testing tools, creating ‘real user’ scripts and scenarios to test complex load balanced environments.
  • Visual regression (image diffing) tests that actually work, providing frontend teams with an additional layer of QA.
  • Integration of test running into all major CI systems (Teamcity, Jenkins, Go etc.) with rich reporting.
  • A focus on speed and reliability in all cases - fast feedback cycles with trustworthy, non-flaky tests.

Further Information

Please get in touch using the contact form and see the other pages for more information. We will be updating our blog with case studies and articles in the coming weeks.